“FACING OUR TRUTH: 10-minute plays on Trayvon, Race & Privilege”

GhostLight Theatre produces staged readings of

“FACING OUR TRUTH: 10-minute plays on Trayvon, Race & Privilege”

February 28th, 29th and March 1st at The GhostLight Theatre



GhostLight Productions, Inc. and its performance company, The GhostLight Theatre, are proud and excited to announce 3 evenings of staged reading performances of six 10-minute plays produced in a one-act style format Friday, Saturday and Sunday, Feb. 28, 29, and March 1st in the Schalon Room at the GhostLight theatre at 101 Hinkley Street. Friday and Saturday shows will begin at 7:30pm (doors open at 7) and Sunday’s matinee finale will take place at 3pm (doors open at 2:30).  Tickets are on sale now at www.GhostLightBH.com/eventsand are $15/adults, $10/seniors, and $5 for students with valid ID.


Following the plays, there will be a moderated community discussion where the audience is encouraged to participate in the discussion with area leaders.


In light of the George Zimmerman verdict, The New Black Fest commissioned six very diverse playwrights to write 10-minute plays on the topic of Trayvon Martin, race and/or privilege. Facing Our Truth's purpose is to promote serious discussion in our collective communities around these urgent issues.

Facing Our Truth: Ten Minute Plays on Trayvon, Race and Privilege is comprised of the following 10-minute plays:

NIGHT VISION is written by Dominique Morisseau and directed by Michael Travier, Jr. stars R.J. Williams and Mike Travier, Jr. as Ayanna and Ezra, respectively. The couple witness a woman getting beaten on the street by a man in a hooded sweatshirt. After they diffuse the situation they return to their apartment to call the police. However, when they discover how their accounts of the attacker differ, both are left questioning the truth of what they saw. 

SOME OTHER KID is written by A. Rey Pamatmat, directed by Michael Travier, Jr. & Paul Mow and features Landon Horne, Martel Burton and Isabella LeClaire (all Lake Michigan College students) as three young people who weigh both the potentially liberating privileges and the potentially deadly consequences of being just some other kid.

COLORED is written by Winter Miller, directed by RJ Williams & Paul Mow featuring R.J. Williams, Kendra Ann, Brenda Matthews, Mike Travier, Jr., Landon Horne, as well as Lawrence Cohn and Shawnquay Woodard (both from the Benton Harbor Boys & Girls Club Teen Center). Colored explores


THE BALLAD OF GEORGE ZIMMERMAN is written by Dan O’Brien and directed by Dan Maxon featuring Mr. Maxon on vocals and guitar as well as Landon Horne and Meghan Pelkey. This very special short play is a folk opera recreating the ten minutes leading to the murder of Trayvon Martin, and exploring the mind of his killer, George Zimmerman.

DRESSING is written by Mona Mansour & Tala Manassah and directed by Paul Mow. In Dressing, a mother (Brenda Matthews) teases her son (Landon Horne) over his attire just as he gets ready to leave for school. He pushes back playfully; they play this game all the time. Parts two and three follow this mother as she experiences an unimaginable loss, shedding light on the nature of the vulnerability of the physical self.

  is written by Marcus Gardley; directed by Kendra Ann is a satire about a young white female (Isabella LeClaire) who visits a psychiatrist (Landon Horne) and gets diagnosed with "Negro-phobia": a fear of African American people. The psychiatrist tells her that the cure is for her to spend three days literally living in the body of a young African American male who lives in the hood. Also featuring Kendra Ann, the end result is a revelation that will make you laugh, shock you and perhaps break your heart! 

For any further information, please contact Paul Mow, Artistic Director at PAUL@ghostlightbh.com, or via phone at 646-406-6856.

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