The 2017 Bud Prince & Princess Blossomtime Pageant


The 2017 Bud Prince & Princess Blossomtime Pageant


Thirty-nine children between the ages of 6 and 12 competed Saturday October 1 for the titles of Blossomtime Bud Prince & Princess and Miss Jr. Teen Blossomtime. The pageant was held at the St. Joseph High School Auditorium.  Tying into the 2017 Blossomtime Theme; “If it starts with “B”, it must be Blossomtime”.  The contestants performed a dance choreographed by Cammie Hernandez of Connie Cassidy School of Dance to the song “Boot Scootin’ Boogie”.  Pageant Chairman DeAnn Zindler once again created a beautiful stage and show.  The pageant was emceed by Lindsay Zvonar from Mid-West Family broadcasting.


The Blossomtime Festival Bud Prince and Princess and Jr. Teen will take an active role in the Festival by serving as Grand Marshals of the Youth Parade and Shoe Box Parade, riding on the Bud Prince & Princess/Jr. Teen Float in the Blossomtime Grand Floral Parade on Saturday, May 6, 2017 and will participate in many other Blossomtime events, including the Coronation Ball, the Blessing of the Blossoms, Doggies in Tiaras, attending many community pageants and being introduced on stage at the Miss Blossomtime Pageant March 13, 2017.


Bud Princess – Zoey Rickman

6 years old – Coloma Elementary

Parents – Joshua and Shannon Rickman

Residence - Watervliet

Enjoys going to the beach, arts and crafts, dance, acrobats.   


Bud Princess 1st Runner-up – Taylor Truman

8 years old – EP Clarke Elementary

Parents – Joe and Jackie Truman

Residence – Benton Harbor

Enjoys going on trips, gymnastics, riding her horse.


Bud Princess 2nd Runner-Up – Isabella Costanza

7 years old – EP Clarke Elementary

Parents – Todd and Lori Costanza

Residence – Sodus

Enjoys having sleepovers, going on vacation, arts and crafts, writing real life stories, kayaking and tubing. 


Bud Prince – Ethan Schelling

7 years old – Coloma Elementary

Parents – Angela Schelling

Residence – Coloma

Enjoys watching movies, playing sports, board games and video games, snowball fights and camping.





Bud Prince 1st Runner-Up – Eli Kelley

9 years old – EP Clarke Elementary

Parents – Sarah and Jason Kelley

Residence – Benton Harbor

Enjoys playing outside, going on trips, fishing, drawing, watching movies, learning to play music.


Bud Prince 2nd Runner-Up – Brayden Miller

6 years old – Bridgman Elementary School

Parents – Jordan and Andrew Miller

Residence – Benton Harbor

Enjoys playing catch, soccer, drawing, riding bikes.


Bud Prince 3rd Runner-Up – Mason Smith

8 years old – Watervliet Elementary School

Parents – Charles and Amber Smith

Residence – Watervliet

Enjoys playing outside, doing yardwork, rocket football, participating in 4-H, hunting, fishing, taking care of animals. 


Miss Jr. Teen Blossomtime – Amelia Selir

11 years old – New Buffalo Middle School

Parents – Jim and Diana Selir

Residence – New Buffalo

Participates in student council, gymnastics and softball.  Enjoys reading, doodling and volleyball.


Miss Jr. Teen Blossomtime 1st Runner-up – Ryann Kragt

10 years old – Lincoln Elementary

Parents – Tim and Kim Kragt

Residence – St. Joseph

Participates in dance, Gems, safety patrol, circle of friends.  Enjoys reading, track and learning about local history.


Miss Jr. Teen Blossomtime 2nd Runner-up – Grace Larsen

11 years old – Upton Middle School

Parents – Brian and Shannon Larsen

Residence – Coloma

Participates in sideline cheer, competitive cheer, dance and poms, gymnastics. Enjoys volunteering, drawing, and spending time with family.   

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