Area bowling titles wrap up 2016—2017 season

B & L Rentals made it four years in a row as the area's top bowling team. They averaged 1097 pins per game, scratch. Members left to right are Bill Rath, Bill Hendrixson, Dave Matheney, Dennis Weatherman and Paul Bender.
Bill Froberg, owner of Kelley's Bowl, captured the title of best male bowler, averaging 237.95, beating out last year's champion Dan Gulliver by over five pins.
Melissa Utter continued gear reign as the area's best female bowler, averaging 207.78 in her Starlighters League at Lakeshore Lanes. This is the fourth consecutive win for Utter.
Ami Huff is in third place All Events Division II at the Michigan State USBC WBA 90th Annual Championship in Bay City with three weeks remaining. Her nine-game total is 2262. Huff and doubles partner, Susan Livingston, are in 15th place Division II with 1455.

Area bowlers wrapped up the 2016-2017 winter season with the crowning of best of the best.

Melissa Utter and B & L Rentals stretched their Pinbuster bowling titles to four consecutive years while the men’s champion changed for the third time in three years.

Kelley’s Bowl owner, Bill Froberg, said “it’s just coincidence” he’s bowling 17 pins higher in Monday’s Wildlife Senior League than his Tuesday evening league. “All my bad nights were on Tuesday.”The right-hander averaged 237.95 compared with 220.45 in the Emil Schramm Memorial League. Dan Gulliver, last year’s champion from Coloma Lanes, was runner-up with 232.54.

Utter averaged 207.78, down from last year’s 210, but good enough to out-distance Nikki Brose at 202.53. Utter bowls in the Starlighters League at Lakeshore Lanes. Brose averaged 216 in the Whirlpool Mixed league, but only recorded 48 games. To qualify, winners must have bowled two-thirds.

Lakeshore Lanes’ B & L Rentals, consisting of Dave Matheney (227.92), Bill Hendrixson (226.12), Dennis Weatherman (226.25) Paul Bender (217.52) and Bill Rath (217.15), averaged 1097 scratch per game, improving one pin over last year. T’s Tap, bowling out of Kelley’s, improved 24 pins over last year, averaging 1080 per game. Team members include Matheney, Weatherman, Jerry Knowles (225.27), Erik Ender (208.03) and Reuben Morlock (203.56).

Bowlers are all about stats so the 2015-2016 season was compared to the 2016-2017 season. Here’s what we found: The top 10 men averaged 228.36 up 2.29 pins over last year. The top 10 women averaged 195.80, down 1.66 pins. The top 10 teams averaged 1037.10, down 2.07 pins from last year.

Kelley’s had four men in the top 10, Lakeshore 3, Coloma Lanes 2 and Lakeside Entertainment in South Haven 1. Kelley’s and Coloma each had four women in the top 10 and Lakeshore had two. In the team category Lakeshore dominated with five teams, three from Coloma and two from Kelley’s.

Blossom Open Results

The Blossom Open was held at Kelley’s Bowl April 8 and Dennis Weatherman, coming back from knee surgery with a new ball, dominated the scoring. The format calls for four games, dropping out the lowest score. Weatherman had games of 279/256/290/290. Dropping out his 256 he scored 859 scratch, winning by 52 pins over Neal Vitale. Vitale had games of 225/255/244/278 with 30 pins added on for his handicap.

Weatherman also captured the third spot, bowling in the second shift. He began the series with a perfect 300 game followed by 196/249/247. Dave Lange and Tommie Lewis shared fourth with 746.

Verna  Steward was the high female bowler of the tournament. With a handicap of 162 she had games of 160/180/194/171 for a 707 series.

Pennies from Heaven

Jacob Ray and Justin Smith won the Pennies from Heaven 9-pin No Tap Tournament at Kelley’s Bowl. Second place went to Tim Loomis and Tim Reeves followed by Kyle Daisy and Stacie Reeves.

At the Women’s State Tournament

Arrica Angelo is holding down seventh place in All-Events Division I with a handicap score of 2257 with three weeks remaining.

Ami Huff is in third place All-Events Division II with 2262 and Angela Gulliver is in 16th position with 2195 in Division III.

Huff and Susan Livingston shot 1455 in doubles and are holding onto 15th with 887 teams having bowled through April 16.

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