Berrien County Road Closure Update

                   Berrien County Road Closure Update

Many low lying roads in Berrien County are still underwater, washed away or are generally impassable. Here is a map of SOME of the areas with water over the road and are closed.



Closed County Road



Rose City Road

at Squaw Creek (north of Wilson Rd)

New Buffalo

Elm Valley Road

Schwark Road to Three Oaks Road

Three Oaks

E. River Road

west of Mead Road, along St. Joseph River


Fedore Road

Madron Lake Road to Miller Road


Burgoyne Road

Madron Lake Road to Glendora Road


Kinzie Road

at Dowagiac River, east of Creek Road


Jones Road

Pokagon Road to Snyder Road


Kephart Lane

north end of road


Gast Road

south of Snow Road, at cross culvert


Linden Road

west of Bacon School Road


Derfla Road

east of Bacon School Road


Bacon School Road

north end of road


County Line Road

Red Arrow Hwy to Dwight Boyer




For further information and to view a map of the affected areas please view the Berrien County Road Department’s website at

The information can also be located on the County of Berrien website at

Berrien County Road Department will be amending the information on their website as updates come in. The websites will be updated at least once a day.


In addition to the Roads maintained by the Berrien County Sheriff’s Office, the Michigan Department of Transportation advises that as of 08:30hrs on Wednesday February 28, 2018 M-139 Highway from Ullery Rd. to Front St. in the City of Niles is re-opened. This includes the bridge over Dowagiac Creek.

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