BHDPS Seeks Suspects in Jefferson Hill Burglaries

Deandre Shon Taylor

James Z. Griffin

BHDPS Seeks Suspects in Jefferson Hill Burglaries


The City of Benton Harbor has been experiencing a rash of burglaries in the Jefferson Hill area. The BHDPS is looking for Deandre Shon Taylor, and James Z. Griffin as persons of interests. A $500 reward is offered to information leading to the arrest of the responsible person(s).


Please call the BHDPS tip line at 269-927-0293 to speak to a detective.


Also, it is that time of year when the burglaries and robberies rise due to the holidays. Please be mindful of your safety and be aware of your surroundings. Lock your doors and arm your houses with security systems. Keep your house well lit at night. Try not to be a "target" by sitting in your motor vehicles at night in low-lighted areas.

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