Blossomland USBC Bowling Association crowns 2018 City Champions

JR Metz captured the Singles title during the Blossomland City Tournament at Lakeside Entertainment in South Haven. Metz shot 790 with handicap.
Bill and Bobbi Genovese won the Doubles Event of the Blossomland City Tournament. The couple shot 1536 with handicap at Lakeside Entertainment in South Haven.
The Jackals captured the 2018 Blossomland USBC Bowling Association's City Tournament Team Event, shooting 3614 at Kelley's Bowl January 14. Team members (L-R) Paul Goodman, Keith Carper, Mark Pullins, Justin Wade, Neil Vitale.

 Blossomland USBC Bowling Association

crowns 2018 City Champions

By Tom O’Neill

            The Blossomland USBC Bowling Association concluded its 62nd City Bowling Championship, crowning new champions in team, doubles, singles and all-events after two weekends of competition.

            Neil Vitale knew something special was happening at Kelley’s Bowl January 14.  Early in the third game of the team event Vitale started telling onlookers “we have a chance.” He was referring to overtaking Saturday’s leader, Green’s Hardwood Flooring from Coloma Lanes, sitting at 3547.

            Vitale, bowling with Paul Goodman, Mark Pullins, Keith Carper and Justin Wade were 1046 pins away from winning the team title entering the third game. Goodman was 51 pins over his 185 average.

            Goodman finished with a 194 game, but Wade shot 244 (214 average) and Vitale 232 (205 average). Pullins had 225 and Carper 217 for 1112 total pins and a 3614 team total. Pullins’ 693 series followed his 802 on Saturday, the first at Kelley’s Bowl this season. Vitale had 681, Wade 663, Goodman 635 and Carper 617. The Jackals will split the $1500 first prize.

            Finishing third was Hilliard Lyons (3499) from Kelley’s Bowl. The team event had 140 bowlers participating.

            There were four bowlers one frame away from perfect games. Bill Hendrixson, Jerry Knowles and Pullins each had 279 games. Matt Hendrixson had 278.



Bobbi and Bill Genovese capture doubles title

            Bobbi Genovese became the first woman to win a city championship in the men’s division. Genovese, along with her husband, Bill, captured the doubles title at Lakeside Entertainment in South Haven with a 1536 pin total with handicap.

            Bobbi had bowled with her son, Kyle, but he was asked by another to bowl. She told him “I can’t believe you’re dumping me after finishing fourth last year,” adding that Bill quit bowling with her four years ago.  “We decided to give it one more try.”

            “She gave up on me. We hadn’t bowled together in a long time” Bill explained. “I went there to have fun. It just happened.” He shot 123 pins over his 166 average in the Industrial League at Coloma Lanes, finishing with 621. Bobbi (167 average), also a member of the Industrial League, had 573, narrowly beating her husband in the third game for bragging rights, 221-199. They’ll split $500.

            JR Metz and Bill Hendrixson of Kelley’s Bowl finished second with 1529. Hendrixson had games of 280, 256 and 252 for a 788 series. Metz had 266, 178, and 177 for 621. In third place were Jordan Donohue and Sandra Benson from Coloma Lanes with 1524.

Metz shoots 680 for Singles title

          After a disappointing finish to a fast start in the doubles, Metz rebounded in the singles event. The 200-average bowler shot 249, 199 and 232 for a 680 series. Add in his 110 pins handicap and 790 were three pins better than Lakeside Entertainment’s Brady Anderson at 787 with handicap. Anderson shot 717 scratch with games of 246,237 and 234. First place was $250 in the singles event.

            Bill Froberg and Ben Price tied for third with 769. Froberg, owner of Kelley’s Bowl, had games of 266, 258 and 245 but had zero pins handicap.



Jordan Donohue Wins All-Events

Jordan Donahue captured the All-Events title, shooting 2266 with handicap for the nine games. Anderson was second with 2207 and Lakeshore Lanes’ Ryan Narregan third with 2200.

Near perfect

            Six bowlers came within one frame of perfect games in the Doubles/Singles event. Dave Matheny shot 298 and 289. Matt Hendrixson and Paul Bender had 289 games and Lakeside Entertainment owner Dan DuCharme had a pair of 279’s. Knowles tossed a 278 and Anderson 276.

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