Blossomtime Festival Honors Tim Richards

 Blossomtime Festival Honors Tim Richards

The Gordon W. Hosbein 2018 Volunteer of the Year Award


The Blossomtime Festival is proud to announce that a recipient of the prestigious Gordon W. Hosbein Volunteer of the Year Award has been named.  This award, established in 1996, honors the many years of service and dedication that Gordon gave to the Blossomtime Organization, and elects annually an outstanding Festival volunteer.  Nominees must have at least three years of service with the Festival.  Previous winners of this award and the Blossomtime Board of Directors are not eligible.


This year, Board of Directors’ President Anna Abdelnour, presented the 2018 award to Tim Richards who was honored at the 2019 Miss Blossomtime Pageant, Monday, March 11, 2019 at the Lake Michigan College Mendel Center Mainstage.


In our hearts, this person is the example of what the word “Volunteer” means. Tim is a great example of a volunteer that contributes to the festival in multiple ways. During pageant weekend and tour week, Tim organizes the hotel security to make sure the Queens/Kings and our volunteers are safe through the evenings that they are staying overnight. He also organizes the Grand Floral Parade day security throughout the whole parade route.


 In 2008, Tim was the recipient of the Grand Floral Parade Spirit of Blossomtime Award. In addition, Tim organizes security for all other Blossomtime events. He always makes sure there are officers available to ensure events are safe and running smoothly. If Tim ever moved on from volunteering, someone would have very big shoes to fill! Volunteers like Tim are what help keep the festival running seamlessly throughout the year. Whenever you see Tim, he’s always smiling and friendly and willing to lend a hand to help. He is also the type of guy that doesn’t volunteer for the recognition, but to help his community and the festival.


This year, after 26 years of service, is the perfect year to award him the 2018 Gordon W. Hosbein Volunteer of the Year Award.


Tim will receive a Blossomtime Patron Membership and will be Blossomtime’s honored guest at all 2019 Festival events.  He will also be featured in a convertible in the 2019 Grand Floral Parade as the 2018 Volunteer of the Year.

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