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Foreclosure.  For some, this is just a term used to define the process of losing a home when failing to pay the mortgage.  For others, simply saying the word aloud can accompany deep feelings of angst, anxiety and humiliation.  Of course, most never know who may be suffering at any given moment. 

In a time where the middleclass is vanishing, living paycheck to paycheck is becoming ever more common.  What is one to do when foreclosure proceedings are looming?  When life becomes all about trying to make that next mortgage payment, it’s easy to lose focus and spiral.  No matter how you may have gotten to where you are financially, understanding your options may provide you with solutions which can thwart foreclosure all together.

I have a client, we’ll call Maria.  I purchased Maria’s home for cash in Arizona.  Maria lived in a nice part of town.  Her home is a modest three bedroom, two bath with a two car garage, a pool, an open kitchen floorplan paired with lots of character.  Maria’s home had vaulted ceilings with sloping entry ways and Spanish tile flooring with a brick fireplace.  Granted it was an older home, it was probably the best on the block in its time.  Maria’s house echoed yesterday’s beauty while resonating ‘real-time potential’ to investors like me.

I first became aware of Maria and her property when she called after receiving a “WE BUY HOMES FOR CASH…FAST!” postcard.  The system we use for locating potential home selling clients is very specific.  The lists we purchase from the county public tax record, enable us to narrow down prospective clients for a variety of reasons.  Maria reached out because of one reason and one reason alone.  Maria had failed to pay several mortgage payments and it was only a matter of time before the bank repossessed her home.  Fortunately for me, Maria was very honest and forthcoming over the phone during our initial conversation.  I knew that Maria didn’t have long and from our communication, she didn’t have the money to prepare for a listing.  I knew that a home buying service such as ours may be the only way to go.  With great empathy and honest enthusiasm to assist, I scheduled a time to meet Maria.

When I arrived at the home, the landscaping indicated great care was taken regarding the maintenance and appearance of the property.  This was a good sign that a well-cared for home lies just ahead.  Before I could walk the length of the sidewalk, a cheerful, older lady opened the door with a big smile and an even bigger “Hola!”  Just after Maria stepped onto the first stair of three, leading up to the front door, several small dogs burst from around and in-between Maria’s legs towards my direction.  I love dogs so of course I knelt down with my arms open wide.  I was quickly welcomed into the home.

During my NO COMMITMENT CASH OFFER consultation, I learned much regarding her current situation.  Maria was a good woman raising three daughters while having adopted her nephew as well.  They all lived together with their dogs and pet birds.  Our cheerful conversation turned when we again spoke of the significance regarding why Maria had called in the first place. 

Maria was a widow.  Her husband died two years earlier.  They were the model couple.  Maria was a homemaker and a darn good one.  Her husband worked full time, cared for the maintenance of the home and their vehicles.  He always made sure the bills were paid and on time.  Upon her husband’s death, she learned there was no life insurance; only a small social security check that she would receive moving forward.  This was hardly enough to pay the bills.  Over time, Maria prioritized her debt, paying the most important bills first.  When I say her home was the last to go, I’m not joking.  Maria’s car had been repossessed earlier that year while several other areas of her lifestyle were beginning to deteriorate.  Remember that Maria cares for several underage children.  After learning that Uber was the only way for her children to get to school, I knew I had to do something.

When I look into a home to purchase for cash, there are primarily three reasons;  1 - I may remodel the property and sell it for a profit, 2 – I may assign the property to another investor for a small profit, or 3 -  I may look into creating an income property for rent.  In all these scenarios, my intention is to make money.  This doesn’t mean that I low-ball homeowners purposely.  When I make, what one may consider a low offer on a home, the reason is quite simple; I may not want it.  This may be due to the location, the functional obsolescence or maybe my funds are spread out over other projects.  However, if I’m able to make sense of your home or property for my needs and my offer works for your needs, SUCCESS!  We may have a deal.

After going over thoroughly with Maria her options for sale; listing the property, renting it out on her own or selling to me - it was clear what her best option was.  Maria didn’t have the money and in this case, the time to wait any longer.  I was able to tie up the property with a purchase contract to buy Maria’s home just in time.  Foreclosure was around the corner and with my FAIR CASH OFFER, Maria was able to not only pay off her mortgage, she put over $40,000 in her pocket!  However we didn’t stop there. 

I knew Maria was struggling financially.  COE (close of escrow) was over 6 weeks away.  Maria wouldn’t get her money until then.  She had no car and her children were still using Uber for school and her oldest daughter, Uber for work.  She also had to find another place to live soon and without any money.  I collaborated with my team and we were able to advance her several thousand dollars in order for her to purchase a vehicle for the family.  In addition, we were able to communicate with their new, soon-to-be landlord, securing the rental which allowed Maria to move in with only a partial payment down.

We may be like other service providers when it comes to the nuts and bolts (the process) in how we come to a FAIR CASH OFFER.  What separates us from the competition is WHY we do what we do.  Our home buying system for us is simple. 

Our “WHY” is… servicing YOU!

I’m certain there are those who would value a home buying service such as ours and now is your chance.  To learn more about how to receive a NO COMMITMENT, FAIR CASH OFFER for your house or property FAST, with NO HASSLES, FEES or COMMISSIONS - call the number below, LIKE and DM our Facebook page Saint Joseph Living or email me personally at


Nick Christe


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Nick Christe is an entrepreneur investor, business consultant and licensed real estate agent. His career began within the fitness industry where he learned the basics of business, winning several Chamber of Commerce “Platinum Stake” awards. Nick was a regular contributor on 3TV’s Your Life A-Z Show in Arizona. He earned the title amateur Mr. Arizona in 2010 and Nick was the former health and wellness coordinator and head boot camp instructor for the Arizona Diamondbacks executive staff. He attended Lake Michigan College where he earned a full-ride scholarship for Music; vocal performance. Nick is a United States Navy Veteran, following in his parent’s footsteps – his father being one of the first Navy SEALs. Nick lives in southwest Michigan with his fiancé Frankie, their first child Aden and the “family’s” best friend – Fitter.

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