FREE Gospel Concert to Benefit Zimbabwe Children

Children of Arnoldine Mission

FREE Gospel Concert to Benefit Zimbabwe Children

Living Beyond Hope Organization from the Stevensville United Methodist Church will bring to you An International Experience of Live Gospel Music on October 1, 2016 from 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm. 

They are proud to present Mai Banda, a Zimbabwe native currently living in Dallas, Texas.  She will share with us some excellent Shona and English gospel music. Also performing will be the musical group, Chapter X, who will sing a variety of songs from Zambia, Kenya, Zimbabwe and Togo.

The admission is free but donations would be greatly appreciated.

This will be a fund raising event for the children of Arnoldine Mission in Zimbabwe, Africa.  Prior to June 29th of 2015, running water was never available to the children from Arnoldine Mission High School.  They had to walk approximately 3 miles round trip to get fresh drinking water from a local stream.  Through the generosity of the Stevensville United Methodist Church congregation and other members of the community, they managed to supply funds to the Arnoldine Mission High School to implement a clean water system.  The students were even willing to dig the trenches to lay the pipes, and today these children’s lives have been changed forever! Come enjoy the concert and help those in need.

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