There will always be demands placed on products or systems within our society which enable them to work better, perform faster or cost less money to operate.  The progress we’ve made within the real estate industry is no different.  I’m sure you’ve seen those signs before indicated like the graphic above.  You know the ones.  The signs at the intersection leaving town or by the off-ramp coming back; those, “We Buy Houses for Cash!” signs.  Supply and demand - meet the Investor.  In a society of free choice steered by the free market, there’s no wonder why this new real estate option for selling homes has transpired – and the best option for many.  Have you ever thought about selling your home or property to an investor? 
There are several moving parts to a real estate home sale transaction.  With a traditional listing, selling your home comes with many, at times challenging, responsibilities.  If cleaning the house, meeting with real estate agents and having strangers in your home isn’t stress enough, you may be asked to do more or fix things along the way; all of which adds up costing YOU more money.  And don’t forget those pesky real estate fees and commissions.  What should be a rather natural and simple process has added stress, became a liability and has taken your precious time.  If you’ve ever sold a home, you know what I mean.  Fortunately, there is another way.  You can sell your home to an investor. 
There are many reasons why someone would choose to sell their home to an investor over a traditional listing.  Most are initially attracted to paying no fees or commissions.   You’ll also enjoy, being told NOT to clean the house, paint the walls or shampoo the carpet.  We will encourage you rather to DO NOTHING to your home.  Even that broken deck, faulty window, or the unsightly mess that’s accumulated over the years – LEAVE IT.  We take care of it all. 
Because there are no fees or commissions, you won’t deal with a real estate agent.  There will be no need for open houses, nosey neighbors or strangers walking through your home. And because you are getting paid cash, YOU pick the closing date. What our clients come to love and appreciate most, is the simplicity of the home sale transaction from start to finish.  For many, this is the best and most efficient way to sell their home. 
As the Sales Acquisition Manager with Better Choice Homes, I’m the first person you’ll interact with when reaching out for a cash offer on your house or property.  I meet with individuals and families daily to determine whether their home, rental property or land parcel is a good fit for a cash offer.  I buy houses and land in Berrien, Kalamazoo and Saint Joseph counties.   
If you’re curious how our ‘Home Buying Process’ works, simply give me a call. I would welcome the opportunity to learn more about your home or property.  With our ‘No Commitment Cash Offer’, there are no hard feelings if we decide not to move forward.  In fact, our system doesn’t work for some and that’s ok.  If at the end of our consultation, together, we determine your property is a better fit for a local listing or maybe creating and managing a rental/income property, the choice is ultimately yours and we’re happy to have been able to assist.   
I’m certain there are those who would value a home buying service such as ours and now is your chance.  To learn more about how to receive a FAIR CASH OFFER for your house or property FAST, with NO HASSLES, FEES or COMMISSIONS, call the number on the sign above or LIKE and PM our Facebook page Saint Joseph Living or email me, nick.christe@betterchoicehomes.com.   NC® 
Nick Christe
Better Choice Homes
Nick Christe is an entrepreneur investor, business consultant and licensed real estate agent. His career began within the fitness industry where he learned the basics of business, winning several “Best Business of the Year” awards. Nick was a regular contributor on 3TV’s Your Life A-Z Show in Arizona. He earned the title amateur Mr. Arizona in 2010 and Nick was the former health and wellness coordinator and head boot camp instructor for the Arizona Diamondbacks executive staff. He attended Lake Michigan College where he earned a full-ride scholarship for Music; vocal performance. Nick is a United States Navy Veteran. He followed in his parent’s footsteps – his father being one of the first Navy SEALs. Nick lives in southwest Michigan with his fiancé Frankie, their first child Aden and the “family’s” best friend – Fitter. 

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