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There are many reasons why a homeowner would choose to sell their home.  What stays consistent, is the preconceived notion of whom they’re selling to – another prospective homeowner like you obviously.  When selling a home, it’s common to think about the level of preparation needed prior to putting up the “For Sale” sign.  Painting the walls, steam cleaning the carpets, eliminating unnecessary clutter, locking away or hiding valuables, will all be items on the “to do” list well before that next prospective homeowner walks through your door.  Not only will you be putting substantial time and effort into the preparation of your home’s sale, count on spending your hard earned Benjamins well before the Close of Escrow.  But that’s just how it goes…Right?

As a licensed real estate agent, I’ve sat with numerous clients that didn’t fit the typical home seller’s mold.  As an investor and wholesaler, or one who “BUYS HOMES FOR CASH FAST,” I count on it.  Upon first meeting with a prospective homeowner of a house I’d be willing to buy, I make clear that I don’t solve problems.  I provide options.  If one of the options provided happens to solve your problem - success!  The motive behind my informative NO COMMITMENT CASH OFFER consultation, is simple; there is more than one option to selling your home or property.

I know that when selling a house, as a traditional real estate agent, I’m going to insist the homeowner prepare their home accordingly in order to merit the best result when competing with comparable homes on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service).  We tell the broke homeowner to spend money fixing the pool pump …with money they don’t have.  We tell the private homeowner that strangers must walk through their home without them present …which makes them feel extremely uncomfortable.  We tell the little old lady that the baseboards need scrubbing, the walls need to be painted and the carpets need cleaning …which she can’t do on her own.  We reassure the family relocating in a month that it shouldn’t be a problem selling their home fast …as we (the real estate agent) bite our nails hoping that the right person walks in the door during that ever inconvenient “open house.”  At times, we tell the agoraphobic hoarder, that they must throw away all the trash and debris and assume that in doing so, isn’t a big deal …well it is.  As real estate agents, we do this when “listing” a property, the only option most real estate agents know when selling a home.  Fortunately for those, like the ones previously mentioned, I’m not like most real estate agents.  I’m an investor and “I BUY HOMES FOR CASH FAST!”

As an investor, I’m going to reassure you of just the opposite of what I’ve just discussed.  In fact, for the broke homeowner, PAY NOTHING during the process of receiving a FAIR CASH OFFER from me.  For the private homeowner, FEEL SECURE knowing that no one will be walking through your house but me.  I tell the little old lady, WORRY NOT for nothing need be done prior to accepting my FAIR CASH OFFER.  I take care of any and all discrepancies in the home.  And for the family or homeowner needing to sell ASAP - done!  YOU pick the closing date because I’ll be buying your home on the spot.  No guessing.  No hoping.  No praying…unless you’ve been praying for an option to sell your home that breaks the traditional mold.  If that’s the case, you’ve found it.  You sell your home or property to an investor.

In the end, selling your house to an investor allows you the freedom to sell with NO HASSLES, NO FEES or real estate commissions and YOU get to choose the closing date.  Fret not as the sale of your home or property just became a very smooth and easy process.  Now you have options.  You can list your home with a realtor or you can SELL YOUR HOUSE TO AN INVESTOR. 

I’m certain there are those who would value a home buying service such as ours and now is your chance.  To learn more about how to receive a FAIR CASH OFFER for your house or property FAST, with NO HASSLES, FEES or COMMISSIONS, call the number below, LIKE and DM our Facebook page Saint Joseph Living or email me personally at  NC®


Nick Christe


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Nick Christe is an entrepreneur investor, business consultant and licensed real estate agent. His career began within the fitness industry where he learned the basics of business, winning several “Best Business of the Year” awards. Nick was a regular contributor on 3TV’s Your Life A-Z Show in Arizona. He earned the title amateur Mr. Arizona in 2010 and Nick was the former health and wellness coordinator and head boot camp instructor for the Arizona Diamondbacks executive staff. He attended Lake Michigan College where he earned a full-ride scholarship for Music; vocal performance. Nick is a United States Navy Veteran. He followed in his parent’s footsteps – his father being one of the first Navy SEALs. Nick lives in southwest Michigan with his fiancé Frankie, their first child Aden and the “family’s” best friend – Fitter.

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