Pauline Wendzel Votes Against Extended Unemployment Benefits

Pauline Wendzel Votes Against Extended Unemployment Benefits 
Yesterday, 79th District State Representative Pauline Wendzel voted against hearing a bill to extend Michigan’s unemployment insurance benefits for those who have lost their jobs during the COVID-19 pandemic. The bill, HB 4894, would have extended Michigan unemployment benefits from 20 weeks to 26 weeks, to ensure that Michigan families who have faced job loss in the wake of the pandemic are able to get by during these uncertain times. 
“Too many working families are in crisis right now,” said Chokwe Pitchford, the Democrat facing Pauline Wendzel on the ballot in November. “These times are not normal, and we need to step up our response. Instead, Pauline Wendzel voted against even holding a hearing on a bill that could make a real difference for struggling families. This is why I’m running for State Representative, to be a leader who listens to the needs of our community and works across the aisle to get results. The time is past for party-line partisans like Pauline Wendzel.” 
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The 79th State House district includes Bainbridge, Benton, Coloma, Hagar, Lake, Lincoln, Royalton, St. Joseph, and Watervliet Townships and the municipalities within them. 

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