St. Joseph Today Executive Director Departs for New Opportunities

JOSEPH, Mich. — St. Joseph Today Executive Director Whitney Behnke has tendered her resignation to the organization’s board of directors, preparatory to her search for a new career more compatible with her family situation.  The 29-year old Behnke has an increasingly active toddler and has found that the demands of a job with many night time and weekend event responsibilities has become somewhat cumbersome.

Behnke’s approaching one-year anniversary with the non-profit organization focused on event planning, lodging and merchant promotion and visitor attraction proved to be the ideal time to search out new opportunities, so she has resigned her role.

Staff member and Event Manager Brian Smith, who has acted in an interim director role on several occasions in the past, will assume that position again while the St. Joseph Today Board of Directors formulates a plan for Behnke’s successor.

The board voted Wednesday to accept the resignation and they wish Behnke well in her next venture. As a succession plan is developed, the Board will share recruitment plans with the community-at-large for the next Executive Director of St. Joseph Today. 

St. Joseph Today is a 501(c)(3) membership-based organization dedicated to developing and promoting events and business in St. Joseph. Visit, call 269-985-1111.

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