Vehicle Pursuit/Vehicle Crash

DATE & TIME OF INCIDENT: August 11, 2019 at 23:00 Hours   
TYPE OF INCIDENT:   Vehicle Pursuit/Vehicle Crash     LOCATION OF INCIDENT: Britain Ave at Pipestone Street,   City of Benton Harbor    
AGENCIES INVOLVED:     Berrien County Sheriff’s Office Road Patrol, Michigan State Police, Benton Harbor Department of Public Safety, and Medic One Ambulance. 
Officers attempted to stop a vehicle on Main Street near N. Seeley Street for traffic violations and an invalid license plate.  The suspect vehicle failed to stop and then turned south onto Seeley Street.  The driver of the suspect vehicle continued to fail to stop while lights and sirens were activated on the patrol unit.  The suspect vehicle turned westbound on Highland and then southbound on McCord were it disregarded stop signs and traffic control devices in an attempt to avoid police.  The suspect vehicle turned westbound on Britain Avenue and continued to fail to stop for police.  Berrien County Sheriff’s Office Officers terminated the pursuit while on Britain Avenue near Packard Street.  The suspect vehicle continued westbound on Britain Avenue where is struck a vehicle at the intersection of  
Britain Avenue and Pipestone Street.  The driver and passenger of the suspect vehicle fled the scene and a lone female passenger was still in the suspect vehicle when officers arrived on scene.  Officers then assisted getting the driver out of the vehicle that was struck by the suspect vehicle. 
Both the female passenger of suspect vehicle and the male driver of the other vehicle were assisted at the scene by Medic One Ambulance and were transported to Spectrum Lakeland Hospital in St Joseph.  Both victims sustained non-life threatening injuries and they were each listed in stable condition.   
2018 Jeep Cherokee, with an improper Wisconsin license plate on it.  The vehicle was found to be reported stolen out of Madison Wisconsin. 
The driver and passenger of the suspect vehicle fled the scene of the crash and has not been located at this time. 
Driver of vehicle struck that was struck by suspect vehicle:   Gary Washington Jr., 17 years of age, Benton Harbor MI  49022 
Passenger of suspect vehicle: Tyana Seuell, 19 years of age, Benton Harbor MI  49022 
The Berrien County Sheriff’s Office requested the assistance of the Michigan State Police in investigating the vehicle crash.  This incident and the identity and location of the suspects remains under investigation at this time. 

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