Watermark Brewing Company Coming to Stevensville

Watermark Brewing Company of Stevensville is officially on the way. Owners and operators Chris Mason, Justin Schaul and David Cockell proudly tapped a half dozen or so of their new brews for sampling by a nice crowd on hand from the Bridgman CGA Chamber and Growth Alliance before taking up the spades for the ceremonial ground breaking event on Wednesday, November 4th.

The trio of friends, all in their mid-20's, already have a successful track record, having been experimenting with various brews and entering competitions in the Grand Rapids area, and taking awards along the way.

Watermark will both brew and serve their signature craft brews ranging from IPAs to one-off creations including some sour barrel-aged beers, Belgian-style brews, and even a Pilsner or lager style here and there. You can expect to find an array of 8 to 12 craft beers at Watermark at any one time, with a strategy to continually create new offerings so that there is always something new to come back and try.

In the beginning, the new brewery will not serve their own food, focusing instead on the craft beers. Instead, they will utilize the model of Watervliet's Arclight Brewing, where patrons are allowed to bring in foods from other restaurants in the district to enjoy with their beer. 

The address for the new Watermark Brewing Company is 5781 St. Joseph Avenue, directly across the street from the Village Hall, where then-Village Manager Bret Witkowski was instrumental in connecting the Watermark crew with the available land options in the village.  

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