The 2019 Bud Prince & Princess & Miss Jr Teen Blossomtime Winners

Lily - Bud Princess

Adam - Bud Prince

Alexis - Jr. Teen

The 2019 Bud Prince & Princess

& Miss Jr Teen Blossomtime Pageant


Forty-one children between the ages of 6 and 12 competed Saturday November 17th for the titles of Blossomtime Bud Prince & Princess and Miss Jr. Teen Blossomtime. The pageant was held at the St. Joseph High School Auditorium.  Tying into the 2019 Blossomtime Theme; “America, the Places You’ll Go”.  The contestants performed a dance choreographed by Cammie Hernandez of Connie Cassidy School of Dance to the song “You’re Welcome” from the movie Moana.  Pageant Chairmen Kim Hauch and Melissa Vegter created a beautiful stage and show. The pageant was emceed by Lindsay Zvonar.


The Blossomtime Festival Bud Prince and Princess and Jr. Teen will take an active role in the Festival by serving as Grand Marshals of the Youth Parade and Shoe Box Parade, riding on the Bud Prince & Princess/Jr. Teen Float in the Blossomtime Grand Floral Parade on Saturday, May 4th, 2019 and will participate in many other Blossomtime events, including the Coronation Ball, the Blessing of the Blossoms, attending many community pageants and being introduced on stage at the Miss Blossomtime Pageant March 11th, 2019.


Bud Princess – Lily Goodson

9 years old – Redwood Elementary

Parents – Lisa & David Goodson

Residence – Hartford

Enjoys going on vacation up north with her family, making slime and playing softball.  


Bud Princess 1st Runner-up – Daniyah Watson

8 years old – Brown School Elementary

Parents – Nicole Crenshaw & David Watson

Residence – Benton Harbor

Enjoys game nights with her family, reading and cooking with her mom.


Bud Princess 2nd Runner-up - Karsyn Jacobs

9 years old – Coloma Intermediate

Parents – Loretta & Tony Jacobs

Residence – Coloma

Enjoys family talk at the dinner table, going on vacation and playing softball.  


Bud Prince – Adam Sobottke

8 years old – Lake Michigan Catholic

Parents – Melissa & Phil Sobottke

Residence – St. Joseph

Enjoys riding bikes and vacations out west, Boys Scouts and swimming.


Bud Prince 1st Runner-Up – Zachary Iwaniuk

6 years old – Eastside Connections

Parents – Jennifer & Rory Iwaniuk

Residence – Niles

Enjoys going camping, ice hockey and shooting his bow and arrow.


Bud Prince 2nd Runner-Up – Jacob Antes

6 years old – Redwood Elementary

Parents – Tiffany & Jacob Antes

Residence – Hartford

Enjoys playing boards games with his family, fishing and playing video games. 


Miss Jr. Teen Blossomtime – Alexis Garlanger

12 years old – Eastside Connections

Parents – Jennifer Iwaniuk & Brandon Garlanger

Residence - Niles

Participates in travel softball and basketball. Enjoys crafts and doing people’s hair.


Miss Jr. Teen Blossomtime 1st Runner-up – Karma Brister

11 years old – Upton Middle School

Parents – Schrelle & Jason Brister

Residence – Benton Harbor

Participates in cheerleading and dance. Enjoys reading and dancing.


Miss Jr. Teen Blossomtime 2nd Runner-up – Sydney Denison

11 years old – Buchanan Middle School

Parents – Stacey & Sean Denison

Residence – Buchanan

Participates in dance, pottery classes and floor hockey. Enjoys crafting and making movies.

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