B. C. Hemp Company Ribbon Cutting

B. C. Hemp Company Ribbon Cutting


- Dignitaries & Representatives from B.C. Hemp Co. & Southwest Michigan Regional Chamber to Perform Ribbon Cutting-


      Who:You’re invited to join the Southwest Michigan Regional Chamber as we celebrate the official Ribbon Cutting and Grand Opening of B.C. Hemp Company’s new Berrien Springs location!


Where: B.C. Hemp Company 107 N. Main St. Berrien Springs, MI 49103 & via Facebook Live


When:  Friday, May 14th at 9:00 a.m. 


What: Like many great stories of successful entrepreneurs, there are usually a handful of common factors including an opportunity to succeed, opportunity to provide a product or service not currently available, and passion for said product. All three of these make up the newest addition to the Berrien Springs downtown businesses community with B.C. Hemp Company’s newest storefront on Main Street.


When the opportunity presented itself to diversify a section of farmland in Eau Claire to a potential new sustainable cash crop, the opportunity was taken. The 50-acre lot was transitioned over to Hemp farm in Southwest Michigan, founded by three friends and Berrien Springs Alumni who are "people trying to change the world around them. Devoted to excellence. Driven by passion." One notable difference with B.C. Hemp Company is their continued devotion to providing for sustainable farming practices. Every employee strives towards providing a healthy and environmentally friendly way of Hemp agriculture. 


Being proud Berrien Springs Shamrock Alumni played a role in the relocation of their storefront from Eau Claire to Berrien Springs. B.C. Hemp Company CEO Jeremy Dybdahl says, “We graduated from Berrien Springs in 2008, 10 years later in December of 2018 we officially opened, we’ve made it our goal to continue to contribute to the growth of our local community. We believe that with us providing a holistic avenue for the people in our community to feel better is a great way to bring value and education about our products to our community.” 

B.C. Hemp Company doesn’t just focus on their current holistic product line of oils, topical balms, or their pet friendly line which includes Paw-Able products. Instead, they also offer variety of consulting services for other Hemp growers including: harvest, processing, and distribution services such as farm prep & soil analysis, and field planting strategies. Dybdahl adds, “We also provide wholesale product services to businesses in all 50 states!”

Current hours for B.C. Hemp Company are Monday through Friday 11:00 am to 6:00 pm.


For more information including their full product line and services visit bchempcompany.com you can also follow them on at facebook.com/bchempco, or call 269-461-2001.

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