City of Benton Harbor to Host 2023 Leadership Training

City of Benton Harbor to Host 2023 Leadership Training

with Great Lakes Community Action Partnership

The City of Benton Harbor, Michigan, in partnership with Great Lakes Community Action Partnership (GLCAP), RCAP and Benton Harbor Team Solutions, are hosting the 2023 Leadership Training Workshop.  The leadership training event will be a four-part series.  Session one is Wednesday, September 13; session two is Wednesday, September 27; session three is Tuesday, October 10; and session four is Wednesday, October 25, 2023, at the Michigan Works! Service Center, 499 W. Main St., Benton Harbor, MI.  All sessions are from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.  Participants who attend all four sessions will qualify for a drawing of a new laptop computer. 

Benton Harbor Mayor Marcus Muhammad is confident the sessions will offer a comprehensive, one-stop-shop, that will give community leaders, city staff, and residents all the know-how they need to improve their management skills and find better ways of serving their communities.


“There's a Scripture that says, 'My people are destroyed, for the lack of knowledge.' So, when you have alliances in multiple groups, that bring a reservoir of information, and education, that's what we need – to empower people, and empower communities,” Muhammad said.
The sessions will cover a variety of leadership-related topics, from leadership styles to community involvement.

The four-day leadership training will consist of water challenges, as well as the understanding of what leadership is; management and community development; diversity, equity and inclusion; effective communication; and board development and planning. These are only a few of the topics to be discussed during this event.


Staff members and others dealing with water systems are encouraged to attend, as well as elected officials, managers of municipal water departments and the residents they serve.

“The biggest part is the continuing education component – where we have to maintain momentum, to take the battle to eradicate lead in the City of Benton Harbor, and promote awareness, and exposure and ongoing education. That's what I hope residents and all participants will walk away with, from this water summit,” Muhammad said.


Deb Martin, Program Development Coordinator, GLCAP said “We are thrilled to offer this leadership training to Benton Harbor and the Michiana area.  There is no greater resource or force for change and growth in a community than its people working together.  We understand the importance of preparing future leaders, as well as ensuring quality growth and development opportunities for existing leaders.  We look forward to seeing YOU there!”

As Muhammad noted, Benton Harbor is being touted as a national model for the speed and success of its historic water project, in which it replaced 99% of its leaded water service lines within a year and under budget.


“The invitation to all is important,” Muhammad said. “I think that other municipalities can learn the 'Who, when, what, where,' as it relates to the Benton Harbor water crisis, to water triumph – where we're in the 90th percentile, in our last testing, and we continue to work toward getting, ultimately, to zero.”

Preregistration is encouraged by Thursday, September 7. Enrollees are encouraged to attend all four classes and lunch is provided. This is a free event, and open to the public. For more information, or to register, visit:


For more information, contact Princella Tobias, at Benton Harbor Team Solutions, (269) 277-8077, or email: