Good News and Resources for Struggling Small Businesses

Good News and Resources for Struggling Small Businesses


There’s been a lot of bad news over the past year. But we’re here with some good news if you’re a small business owner. While things may not be back to normal just yet, there are a few things you can try to get your business back on track. Including savvy moves that will ensure you’re ready to reopen your doors and get back to business as usual when the time comes.


Wondering what these steps are? Then you should keep on reading through these resources.


Grow Connections with Creative Content


One of the biggest bummers about the pandemic is that you don’t have as many chances to connect with customers in-person. However, that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on these all-important relationships. You just need to get creative with some engaging content.


  • Loving podcasts in lockdown? Your customers are as well! So, why not try your hand at making a podcast to promote your business and reach your target audience.
  • Not quite sure how to make a podcast? No problem! All you need to do is come up with relevant content and then have a freelance podcast editor help out with the rest.
  • Podcasts are such a fun and creative way to connect with people during the pandemic, but you could also consider adding a blog to your small business website.
  • Last but most certainly not least, use your social media channels to stay relevant!


Guarantee a Smooth and Stress-Free Reopening


If you are able to reopen your doors, congratulations! That’s a big step toward getting things back to some sort of normal. Even so, you’ll want to take the necessary precautions and steps to minimize any risk and maximize success for your grand reopening plans.


  • Different states have different restrictions. You should check in with your state’s current guidelines and rules before you begin making plans to reopen your small business.
  • It’s also smart to read up on the most up-to-date public health recommendations, which still include things like practicing social-distancing and wearing face coverings.
  • Gathering supplies to help you, your employees, and your customers stay safe is less of a hassle now, since masks, hand sanitizer and other essentials are available online.
  • Once you have everything you need and plan in place, be sure to let your customers know that you’re opened back up for business! Also, let them know about new services.


Get The Financial Help Needed to Stay Afloat


Whether you’re opening back up, staying closed, or offering hybrid services, you may need a little extra support to keep your finances in check. The good news is that help is available. t

  • The federal government has recently passed The American Rescue Act which includes quite a few programs aimed at helping small businesses impacted by the pandemic.
  • Your small business may also qualify for special grant programs available from federal organizations, state-level government, and privately held companies.
  • Crowdfunding and debt relief from creditors are alternative ways to get the help needed.


We may still have some time until things get back to business as usual, but there is still so much good news for small businesses that are struggling. Help is available so that you can keep your business up and running during the pandemic, and there are simple moves that can provide an even bigger boost. Hang in there! Because the storm is nearly over!

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