Hagar Township Parks and Recreation Master Plan

Hagar Township. Berrien County's destination for tipping over a kayak, long quiet walks on beautiful beaches, and walking through the woods reminiscing about our rugged fur trapper origins, continues its mission of being Berrien County's "Capitol of Fun". 

As a result, the Township's PARKS AND RECREATION MASTER PLAN is being updated in accordance with our five-year statutory guidelines and best practices. 

Hagar Township requests input from residents, visitors, businesses, neighboring municipalities and counties, and users of our beautiful parks and beaches - past, present, and fugure; for the purpose of updating the plan with new ideas, old ideas, improvements, suggestions, amplifications and/or corrections. We want to hear what you have to say about what you like - or don't like. 

It's worth your time. We encourage all those interested in continued to build Berrien County's great RECREATIONAL ECOSYSTEM and QUALITY OF LIFE to please take our short survey. What you have to say is important as the Township, neighboring municipalities and the County stitch together walking trails, bike trails, water trails and recreational space (of all types) for the public to use. 

Our parks, trails and open spaces are some of our most important community assets. Your input provides needed community input for preservation of these assets and future building of quality-of-life infrastructure for all. 

Please visit Hagar Township information at the following links or use the vconvineient QR Code on the brochure to take you directly to the servey. 

Hagar website link: hagartownship.org

Current plan link: ParksPlan

Survey Link: surveymonkey.com/r/HagarParksPlan

If you would like to submit more input directly, please feel free to contact our Masterplan Consultant, nathan Mehmed, at Williams & Works, via email at mehmed@williams-work.com, or by phone at 616-988-3518.

You may also contact our always smiling supervisor, Izzy DiMaggio, via email at: izzydimag@aol.com, or by phone at 269-449-3628.

Additionally, as we move through the process, we would love to see anoyone interested join us at our PARKS AND RECREATION MASTER PLAN update meetings. Offical public hearing dates to be released in the future. Please keep an eye on our websites for updates. 

We look forward to seeing you in Hagar Township!