Lakeshore Excellence Foundation Commits $1Million in Major Projects

Lakeshore Public Schools will benefit from an influx of financial support unlike anything the district has ever seen from its nonprofit educational foundation. At its first meeting to kick off the school year, Lakeshore Excellence Foundation trustees unanimously approved $1 Million in educational projects that, over time, have the potential to impact every student, teacher, and staff member in the district.


The seven projects, some spanning five years, are part of a major package constructed by Lakeshore School Superintendent, Greg Eding, with the help of LPS administrators, teachers, and staff. They include everything from a focus on early literacy development, to classroom technology upgrades, staff incentives and training, and the purchase of new equipment for classes, including: CTE, Broadcast, and Performance and Strength Training.


The plan comes on the heels of a $345,000 major project investment by the LEF that paid for a 1:1 technology refresh for students from Young 5’s - 5th grade, supplying each student with their own Chromebook. As part of that same major project plan, the LEF is funding $225,000 in support of Professional Learning Communities, or PLC’s, for current staff. These data-driven, professional development PLC’s allow for continuous job-embedded training for Lakeshore educators in the form of conferences and workshops taught by some of the best educational professionals in the world.


Each year, the LEF also earmarks an additional $250,000 in grants focused on student enrichment, professional development, staff support, and foundation projects benefiting the students, staff and community of Lakeshore Public Schools. Lakeshore Excellence Foundation Chair, J.C. Anderson says this new, major project commitment marks the LEF’s largest ever round of fund development for the organization.


“I’m pleased that the foundation can bring this level of financial support to Lakeshore Public Schools,” says Anderson. “The recent contribution of $325,000 from the Whirlpool Community Golf Outing caused us to reassess our thinking regarding the level of project support. There is something for most everyone included in these projects. I’m most excited about the RAV project which is a program to address and recognize our most critical asset — our staff. We are hopeful that our financial contributors and supporters will see the same benefit.”


Here is a look at the breakdown of where the funds will be spent:

  • RAV Employee Appreciation Program - $250,000
  • Early Literacy Program - $220,000
  • Lakeshore High School Weight Room Upgrades and Equipment - $175,000
  • Classroom Educational and Technology Upgrades - $175,000
  • CNC Machines for the CTE Program - $80,000
  • Broadcasting Class Equipment - $50,000
  • Continuation of the PLC Initiative - $50,000


Lakeshore Superintendent, Greg Eding, says he’s thankful for how the Lakeshore Excellence Foundation continues to lead the way in supporting students and teachers.


“I am humbled and excited to be a part of such an amazing community,” says Eding. “The LEF Board is student-centered and focused on supporting the vision, mission, and goals of the district. Each and every student will be positively impacted through the implementation of these seven projects. Thank you to all those within the community who have donated to the Lakeshore Excellence Foundation. These funds are an enormous responsibility that we do not take lightly.”


Individuals or businesses interested in donating to the LEF can learn more by visiting,

About The Lakeshore Excellence Foundation

The mission of the Lakeshore Excellence Foundation (LEF) is to acquire and distribute resources that support various Lakeshore Public School programs and projects aimed at enhancing, enriching, or supplementing learning opportunities for students, staff and community.
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