Meet Tom Jennings, The Candidate for St. Joseph City Commission

Meet Tom Jennings, The Candidate for St. Joseph City Commission

Hello, I'm Tom Jennings.

I am the oldest of 6 children of the most wonderful Christian parents ever ... Dean and Betty Jennings.  My Grandfather and Grandmother started Meskimen's Gifts in Benton Harbor, eventually moving the business to St. Joseph.  My mother took over Meskimen's years later and ran it until she retired.  My other Grandfather and Grandmother ran Sheffield Drugs in Benton Harbor for many years.  My father was a distinguished attorney for 50 years in Downtown St. Joe.  My parents were both very involved in the community.  Inspired by their actions, I too have always tried to help the Twin Cities community where and when possible.

I graduated from St. Joseph High School in 1975 and then graduated from Hope College in 1979.  Since then, l joined my parents in business and renovated the 505 Pleasant Building back in 1988 -- downtown St. Joe where Schu's Bar & Grill is located.

Since that time, I've proudly served on various City committees, including the DDA and Parking Committee.  I have also helped with St. Joseph Today and the Venetian Festival.  I have operated the Super Book since 1979, working with many area schools and non-profit groups.  I have also operated Czar’s 505 Live Music Club since 1992 and recently became involved with the Sandbar & Grille.

I've invested my time in our town and have had the pleasure of forming many friendships over these many years.  I LOVE our town and its people!  I wish to volunteer my time for the betterment our town!

If you care about our city like I do, I kindly ask for your help and vote!


The 10 Points of the Tom Jennings campaign!

There are many points that can help both the residents of St. Joe as well as the businesses.  Below are my Top 10 on which I'm campaigning.  Am I hitting the Bull's Eye for you or are there others you'd like to see?

  1. Let's remake the City of St. Joseph to be Pro Family, Pro Business & Pro Jobs!

                As a City, we should ...

  • Support City Schools: Public & Private
  • Support & Sponsor Law Enforcement
  • Support & Sponsor City Events - Promote / Share events on the City Website / Social Media


  1. Let's promote a "Yes We Can" attitude in St Joe!  Let's work for the good of the whole town!  Let's make the City a fun & easy place to live, work and visit!
  2. Let's cut through red tape to reduce the time required for residents & businesses to obtain permits.  For example, with businesses, we should streamline the approval process for exterior awnings, remodels & signage to help improve the efficiencies for a business to be more successful ... and to hopefully employ more people.  Let's look at ways to reduce the fees residents pay: Fines (1st Time only), Parking, Property Taxes, Tickets to City Events (like the Art Fair, as an example - since City Employees, paid with Property Taxes, are involved to ensure things run smoothly), etc.
  3. Let's work creatively, and let's be open to new ideas to address and improve the ease of parking.  We have several open lots and under-utilized resources that could be easily repurposed.
  4. Let's always focus our attention upon improving local issues first - rather than ideological & political distractions that might arise in New York, Los Angeles or other major urban centers.
  5. Let's limit City Commission meetings to no more than 5 minutes of talking time per person (Commissioners included) before passing the time to another St. Joe resident - without a vote to continue by a majority of the Commissioners present (maybe something as simple as displaying a green card to continue or a red card to move on).
  6. Let's make it easy for residents & businesses to communicate with our City Commissioners!  As an example: Open Door Friday, from 12:00 - 5:00:  Be open for anyone to come in and chat with a City Commissioner.  Scheduling an appointment is recommended, but not necessarily required.


I would appreciate your Vote in the AUGUST 3RD PRIMARY ELECTION.

And again, I would appreciate your Vote in the NOVEMBER 2ND ELECTION.



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