Roald Hoffmann – A Poet, Playwright and Nobel Chemist – Speaks at Andrews University

The faculty, students and staff of Andrews University Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry are pleased to invite all to view Professor Emeritus Nobel Laureate Roald Hoffmann's Zoom lecture on Thursday, September 22, 2022,at 4:30 pm EST on Chemistry's Essential Tensions: Three Views of a Science in Culture. See the attached posterand coverage by the Benton Spirit Community Newspaper.

This is the secondinstallment of the Dwain L Ford Lecture Series in the Andrews University Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry 2022 Fall seminar program.

Everyone is invited to view the Zoom-based lecture at:

Meeting ID: 975 7939 5521

Teachers are encouraged to announce this week's lecture in their classes and/or forward this email to their classes. Please share and encourage your colleagues, friends, and others, to tune in online. This lecture is free and open to all: students, high school through college, and everyone in our community and the public. For Andrews University students, co-curricular credit can be obtained for full attendance at this seminar.

The Dwain L Ford Lecture Series is co-sponsored by the Chemistry Honors Society, Andrews University Office of Research & Creative Scholarship, and Andrews University Community Engagement Council.

Seminar Zoom Protocol:

  • Mute your sound.
  • Turn on your camera.
  • Everyone can ask/write a question in the chat.

Speaker’s Short Bio:

Roald Hoffmannthe 1981 Nobel Prize winner in Chemistry was born in 1937 in Złoczów, then Poland. He came to the US in 1949, and has long been at Cornell, active as a theoretical chemist. In chemistry he has taught his colleagues how to think about electrons influencing structure and reactivity and won most of the honors of his profession. Hoffmann is also a writer, carving out his own land between poetry, philosophy, and science. He has published six books of non-fiction, three plays, and seven volumes of poetry, including two book length selections of his poems in Spanish and Russian translations.


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In this generously illustrated lecture several views of chemistry will be presented, highlighting its psychological dimension and its tie to the arts: First of all, chemistry is, as it has always been, the art, craft, business of substances you can handle and their transformations. It is now also the science of microscopic molecules, both simple and complex. And then there are people’s perceptions of chemistry - alternating between seeing the healing and the hurting aspects of this truly anthropic science. The underlying psychological tensions will be explored, as will the strong element of creation or synthesis in chemistry, which brings chemistry close to the arts. 


Alannah Tjhatrawas raised in Whitby, Ontario. She attended high school at Kingsway College, Canada and arrived at Andrews University in 2019, where she has been studying biochemistry for the past four years. She enjoys skateboarding, reading, and playing the piano and cello. Alannah has a passion for creative writing: editor of (and writer for) her high school’s newspaper for two years, she now serves as editor-in-chief of the Student Movement, the university newspaper. She founded the Scriptorium (AU’s creative writing club) in 2020, and she currently writes a monthly column in The Canadian Adventist Messenger. Alannah was very grateful to have her first short story published in The Roadrunner Review during the summer of 2022. She hopes to continue learning all she can in the field of science, medicine, and creative writing.