Vinny Gallagher and Liv Gallagher Scherer hit the ground running, providing technology solutions for consumers and businesses in their new joint venture, Techxperience.  The business was formed based on Vinny’s experience and training in a variety of technology solutions and on Liv’s passion for customer satisfaction and attention to every detail.


Vinny’s interest in technology started in 1999 while serving in the US Coast Guard as an IT Specialist-- he continues to advance and currently serves as Chief.  He’s a familiar face and a local expert who’s been supporting the area’s technology needs for over 22 years, previously with The Tech of Southwest Michigan.


Livhas a degree in Business Administration and an entrepreneurial spirit. As Chief Visionary Officer, shehas a powerful plan to work brilliantly alongside her dad to ensure clients have an elevated techxperience from start to finish.  


Techxperience serves all of Southwest Michigan and Northwest Indiana by providing both residential and commercial services.  Consumers will benefit from services such as home security, home audiosystems, lighting and thermostat control, and improved wifi solutions, to name just a few.  Businesses will benefit from a variety of solutions including but not limited to: phone systems, surveillance systems, badge access, audio solutions, internet and phone wiring. 

Contact Vinny and Livto learn how they can heighten your techxperience at vinny@techxperience.netor (269) 769-8717 and liv@techxperience.netor (269) 408-6607.


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