BOSS Services Announces Paid High School Internship Summer Program

 BOSS Services Announces Paid High School Internship Summer Program


BOSS Services is proud to announce the return of their paid high school internship program this summer! BOSS’s summer internship will give two Southwest Michigan high school students the opportunity to get paid to learn the skills needed to be successful in the trades at the fastest growing home services company in West Michigan. The two chosen interns will be exposed to HVAC, plumbing, bathroom remodeling, window installation, and more! They can learn about the trades they are most interested in, as well as build confidence and customer service skills by working alongside the most knowledgeable and experienced home services professionals in the region.


BOSS HVAC Expert, Hunter Ives began his career with BOSS Services as a high school summer intern. After graduating in 2021, he continued to work with BOSS as an apprentice in the HVAC field and received training all over the nation. Recently, Hunter was promoted to an HVAC Expert in January 2022. He is now driving his own van and serving customers all over West Michigan to rave reviews!


Traditional college may not be the career path for everyone, and now more than ever, the trades are flourishing. Many students choose to avoid college debt and dive right into the thriving trades industry. As a result, a high school student can begin a career in the trades, like HVAC or plumbing, and often make more money and have more flexibility than peers who chose the traditional college route.


According to “Going Pro,” a Michigan campaign promoting the trades industry: By 2028, professional trades will account for more than 530,000 jobs in the Michigan economy, and approximately 47,000 new job openings are expected every year through 2028.  Wages for professional trades occupations are 44 percent higher than other occupations – $56,000 is the median annual salary for these jobs!


Apply Today!

If you or your high schooler is 16-18 and ready to see if HVAC, plumbing, or remodeling may be the right career path, apply online by May 22, 2022 to be considered:


The BOSS team is looking forward to helping two young people learn the trades industry and potentially get their start to a successful career and perhaps even working full-time with BOSS Services in the near future!


About BOSS Services


BOSS Services is a home services company located in Benton Harbor, Michigan serving all of West Michigan with Heating - Cooling - Plumbing - Windows - Electrical - 1-Day Bathroom Upgrades - And More!  They provide 24/7 emergency HVAC and plumbing services, with real people answering the phones all hours of the day, even on weekends and holidays.  You can reach BOSS Services by phone at 269-468-6682 or book an appointment online at