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Your guide to planning the BEST winter family vacation


Your guide to planning the BEST winter family vacation

We saw our first snowfall on Halloween! A little early, yes, but it reminded us just how beautiful winter is in Southwest Michigan — and how much fun it is to vacation here in the next few months. Now’s a good time to pull out the school calendar and see when your family can vacation this winter. You don’t have to go to an overpriced, overcrowded destination either. Our area specializes in lowering vacation costs and eliminating the whining and long-line anxiety that other destinations pile on. You will love being together here! 

Here’s a four-step guide for planning your trip

As soon as we started thinking of winter vacation ideas to share with you, they started snowballing. It led us to create a four-step guide to assist you with making plans. You will find everything from hotel pools for playing Marco Polo and the best places for outdoor adventures to where you can shed the mittens and boots for indoor fun. The best winter family vacations begin as early as the upcoming holidays — let’s get together then!


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