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Drug Education/Rehabilitation

Methamphetamine is a potent stimulant that has the potential to cause delusions, hallucinations, and paranoia. Meth causes people to stay up late, which leads to this negative behavior. Some people might believe that methamphetamine overdose is practically unheard of. The problem is that although methamphetamine overdoses are uncommon, they have recently peaked. Heroin and Cocaine are the most typical ingredients in speedballs. Numerous people have died as a result of speed-balling, including Chris Farley, River Phoenix, and John Belushi. It still applies even though Farley died from morphine and cocaine while Belushi, Phoenix, and Phoenix died from heroin and cocaine. However, Fentanyl has made it much deadlier recently. The increase in overdoses is caused by the addition of Fentanyl to drugs. Up to fifty times as potent as heroin and one hundred times as potent as morphine, respectively, is fentanyl. Users are not even aware of what they are taking due to the extreme potency of fentanyl and the fact that it is added secretly to stimulants. They are unsure of why using makes them feel different. An intense rush occurs when an opioid and a stimulant are combined. To "counteract" each drug's negative side effects, they use speedballs. Meth can make a person anxious, agitated, and paranoid, whereas Fentanyl can make a person feel sleepy and have trouble staying awake. These two cancel each other out when they are combined. However, there is a higher risk when using two different drugs.  




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